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Chapter One: 


Friday 26.05.2023,

Djoon, Paris, France

23:59 - 06:00



- H2H (live):
   Ben Vedren
   Chez Damier
   Vikus (trombone)

- Lyss

We are thrilled to announce the first chapter of PLEASURE DOME , featuring an exclusive performance by H2H, the legendary duo formed by Chez Damier and Ben Vedren, who invited Vikus, a master trombonist who'll add his incredible live touch to our warm and immersive experience.

As we embark on this journey, we sought out an artist whose music and soul would perfectly match the essence of this event, and we couldn't think of a performer other than Lyss. With her free-floating spirit and eclectic signature sound, she will take us to new heights of musical exploration

Join us at Djoon where our spirits will merge in perfect harmony for an unforgettable night of pure pleasure and sonic bliss...

Artwork:Dario Balletta

Design:Youssef Mechmech



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Contact: info@cabinet.haus

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